Are you a person who is passionate about foreign policy? Have you experienced how is it like to brainstorm on the process of foreign policymaking? If you feel this fits you well and you are curious enough, ISFPYT is here to support your interest.

Foreign Policy Talks Discussion Club presents to you,
Indonesia-Singapore Foreign Policy Youth Talks [ISFPYT]

As ISFPYT aimed to give a platform for youths to level up their skill in international affairs, we are excited to announce that within our program, aside from the public sessions, we also established other sessions which will involve only top 30 participants who can have a chance to brainstorm or share their aspirations regarding foreign policy issues (15 seats each country).

As it is recognized that the development of foreign policy isn’t only determined by officials, the opportunity for the young generation to take part and show proactivity towards the process of making foreign policy is very wide open.

So don’t miss the chance to be involved in ISFPYT to show your proactiveness in international affairs!

Mark some important dates listed!

  • DAY 1 : Saturday, February 12, 2022
  • DAY 2 : Sunday, February 13, 2022

Registrations are open for public, and we will select 15 people from each country to be able to attend some exclusive sessions.

Register through:

Please check the details of event by clicking the link

You may also follow us on Instagram @foreignpolicytalks for any further updates and information regarding ISFPYT, and don’t hesitate to email us for any inquiries.