An international webinar held by several universities under the auspices of a consortium of legal scientific publications was held on August 5, 2021. The plenary session of this webinar featured some speakers taking the subject on “Facing the Challenges and Opportunities of the Legal Discipline and Profession for the Next Decade.” One speaker from Germany was Prof. Dr. iur Stefan Koos, a visiting professor at the Department of Business Law at BINUS University from the Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany.


In his description on the topic “The Replacement of the Law by Technology in the Digitalization 5.0”, Prof. Koos observes various technological developments in the digital world lately. He agrees with the idea that this development brings consequences for the loss of sovereignty in the ubiquitary society. This loss of sovereignty leads us to a loss of trust in the law. If the law is less important in the era of digitalization 5.0, then of course some other things have to replace that role. He pointed to several digital technology instruments that would play a more important role. Even now, the process has been seen, among others, with the presence of blockchain, and smart contracts.

Prof. Koos recognizes that progress toward the increasingly intense use of artificial intelligence is inevitable. Since the law is not yet ready to respond to this development, he asks what is the role of ethics and justice in the future? (***)