Listen to the latest episode of Nyambung Podcast with Dinna Prapto Raharja about The 75th Session of UN General Assembly (UNGA 75).

Listen to the uncut, full version or you can also listen to the specified topics such as;

  • 119 UN Member States Voted ‘Yes’ to Stop the Flow of Weapons to Myanmar | UN Prevention of Armed Conflict in Myanmar
  • Business of Weapons to Myanmar & How ASEAN Stands in the Resolution | UN Prevention of Armed Conflict in Myanmar
  • Joe Biden Doesn’t Want to End Embargo on Cuba | US Embargo to Cuba
  • Multilateralism May Lack Sanctions But It’s the Best Way to Find Sustainable Settlement on Global Problems | Introduction to Multilateralism
  • Highly Politicized Decision-Making Process in ASEAN | Multilateralism in ASEAN Context

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