Dr. Reza Zaki, S.H., MA as a lecturer at Business Law BINUS University and one of the board members of the Indonesian Society of International Law Lecturers (ISILL) participated in training provided by the Centre for International Law (CIL) of the National University of Singapore (NUS)  in the framework of its Teaching and Researching International Law in Asia (TRILA) Programme. In this event, the CIL TRILA team, together with Indonesian colleagues from the Faculty of Law of Universitas Indonesia and the Indonesian Society of International Law Lecturers/ISILL, organised the “TRILA Indonesia” webinar via Zoom from 1 to 3 July 2020. The TRILA Indonesia Workshop was originally scheduled to take place March 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The webinar covered, as much as possible, the topics of the original Workshop.  The webinar is part of a series of country-specific programs in the framework of the `TRILA on the Road’ project which aims to advance the agenda set in the 2018 TRILA Singapore Conference. During this Conference, scholars from Asia and elsewhere met to discuss crucial issues for lecturers of International Law, including teaching methods, teaching materials focused on international law in Asia, enhancement of teaching skills, and the development of a research culture that fosters scholarship and publication.

Continuing the tradition of ‘TRILA on the Road’ project, this webinar explored some of the above issues in the context of Indonesia. Specifically, it aimed at:

  • Discussing teaching methodologies and challenges in teaching international law in Indonesia;
  • Providing guidance on writing for publication, which included an introduction to methodology and scholarship, practical advice on varieties of scholarship on international law, how to target appropriate journals for publication, and how to respond to peer reviewers’ comments;
  • Serving as a platform for young Indonesian scholars to present their current research projects and giving them the opportunity to receive comments from senior scholars.

To enable greater degree of engagement between the speakers and the participants, the maximum number of participants was limited to 30. The set-up of the webinar enabled a fruitful interaction between the participants and the senior experts, consisting of Professor Tony Anghie of the Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore; Professor Hikmahanto Juwanah, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia; Professor Sigit Riyanto, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Universitas Gadjah Mada; Assistant Professor Arie Afriansyah  of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia and chair of ISILL; and, Dr. Irawati Handayani of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran. (***)