On August 13th 2019, as one of the Delegates of the Youth Assembly, I received an opportunity to deliver my speech regarding Climate Emergency and the Role of Youth for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities at the United Nations Headquarters New York. It was an honour to have been selected by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and the United Nations Department of Global Communications to represent my country on the day when we also celebrated International Youth Day. I was there with the other seven young representatives from different countries and we were able to speak up based on our concerns. During the whole session, we were able to hear different viewpoints on how we can promote sustainable communities through deeper youth engagement and leadership. Also, we were able to understand the situation and development of local issues in different countries. Up until now, I am still amaze with the spirit of young people who showed that they have the capability to make better changes to the environment and to the community they live in. I will conclude this with the last paragraph from my speech that I delivered on that day: 

We are never too late to act. With that being said, youth should be fearless to deliver their concerns regarding climate emergency as it will affect our future. Governments around the world should give more of their support for the youth and their efforts in promoting solutions, also to facilitate the innovation and development towards sustainable impact. We should not wait for people who don’t care but we should remind ourselves to inspire them, to empower them and to let them know that climate emergency is a collective responsibility.