The humanities are disciplines related to humanitarian values which include ethics, logic, Pancasila and citizenship education, religion and phenomenology. In general, humanities can be defined as an academic discipline which studies human condition by applying an analytical, critical or speculative method as characterized by most of natural emphirical approach and social sciences. Humanities is a study which focuses its attention to human life by stressing on the aspects of creativity, modernity, originality and uniqueness. It tries to find meaning and value that it is normative. In humanities, rationality is understood as not only a thought of an object based on theories but also imaginative things.

Humanities also reflect justice, crime and conviction. Therefore, discussing humanities means discussing legal science because it also discusses justice. Values of justice are closely related to legal science. Humanities also reflect other academic discipline, namely: psychology. It highlights various individual attitudes, problems and mental as well as efforts to solve problems faced by individual. Other discipline is social science, especially that is related to individual relation or international relation, at local and international levels.

Humanities have a broad scope and develop rapidly. Various problems within communities and at global level need humanities. Therefore, it is vital to solve various problems faced by human, state and nation.

Therefore, Faculty of Humanities of BINUS University plans to hold an international conference that will be attended by academicians and practitioners to jointly discuss various issues and researches to develop new approaches to address various humanitarian issues. Through the conference, they also will build national and global networks of scientists and practitioners of humanities.