1. Presenters who wish to be represented in the SCOPUS indexed proceeding should submit the complete paper.
  2. Presenters who wish to be represented in the Bina Nusantara Proceeding should submit an abstract.
  3. Papers and abstracts must contain the title, name of the author(s), affiliation of the author(s), e-mail and contact information.
  4. The length of a paper is to be 3,000 words, single space, including footnotes and references.
  5. The length of an abstract is to be a maximum of 200 words with maximum 5 key words
  6. Papers and abstracts must be submitted in Word.
  7. References must follow APA format (for details of APA format please visit www.apa.org)

References for papers intended for SCOPUS proceedings should follow the criteria outlined here: http://www.aspbs.com/science/inst-auth_science.htm

Please submit papers and abstracts to: iclc-2014@binus.edu