The education system has changed significantly in the last few decades. The invention of Science and Technology, mainly Information and Communication Technology, has a great impact on the education, learning, and assessment.

Schools and universities around the world have to adjust themselves with these changes. The way students learn today are different from the way we learned years ago. Teachers assess differently now compared to our teachers in the past. All of these changes are very much influenced by the invention of internet and the existence of social media. Students learn not only from their teachers but also from many other resources. There is a paradigm shift in the education world.

Science and technology have changed how people live. The digital technology has influenced the way people think, learn, and make decisions. Technology has also changed jobs and lifestyles of people around the world. There are jobs which no longer exist in the next ten years. At the same time, new jobs occur which have never existed before. This phenomena must be responded by teachers and education practitioners in the world.

Indonesia, which has more than 250 million people, 714 tribes, 1100 dialects, 17000 islands, and 6 different religions, is preparing itself to move forward to the new world of digital era.

The digital era has affected almost every aspects of human’s lives. In the next upcoming years, perhaps there are no more things which are not digitalized.

In response to this, Binus University is going to hold an International Conference on Education, Learning, and Assessment (ICELA) with the theme: “Rethinking Global Education: A New Shift in Learning and Assessment” which will be held in Jakarta on 5-6 September, 2018.


International Conference on Education, Learning, and Assessment has the theme: “RETHINKING GLOBAL EDUCATION: A NEW SHIFT IN LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT”


The conference has a goal of gathering scholars from all places in Indonesia to build networking, share ideas, as well as discuss latest updates in the areas of education, learning, and assessment.


  1. Students and Lecturers of Primary Teacher Education Department
  2. Government officers, NGOs
  3. Teachers, Lecturers, Experts, Practitioners in Education field


Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Educational Technology
Educational Management
21st Century Education
Education Reform
Asian Education
Europian Education
American Education
Educational Philosophy
Innovative Educational Practices

ICT Based Learning
Contextual Based Learning
Competency Based Learning
Collaborative Learning
Quantum Learning
Learning Mathematics
Learning Natural Science
Learning Social Science
Learning Civics
Learning Bahasa Indonesia
Learning English

Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
Validity and Realibility
ICT Based Assessment
Global Trends in Assessment
Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Programmatic Assessment Design
Authentic Assessment
Holistic Assessment
Learning, Evaluation, and Assessment


Author guidelines are available on our website:

Full paper must be submitted through


Authors must prepare their papers using our Microsoft Word for submission:


The authors receive and oblige to the terms and conditions of the conference upon the payment is settled. The committee will announce the update officially on the website and the registrants must follow the terms and conditions as stipulated.

No. International Participant Fee (full amount)
1. Presenter Registration USD 300
2. Non-student Participant USD 100
No. National Participant Fee (full amount)
1. Presenter Registration  IDR 3,500,000
2. Early Bird (July 15, 2018)   IDR 3,000,000
3. Participant  IDR 1,000,000

The fee includes conference program kits, meal during the conference, and certificate. Traveling and accommodation fees are excluded.

In order for you to make online registration, you are requested to pay the above conference fee through following link:


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