Cultural exchange meetings were held on June 7, and June 28 2021 with students from Seiryo Women’s Junior College, in Kanazawa Japan. This collaboration represents the 3rd agreement between BINUS & Seiryo University, Kanazawa. In 2021 the collaboration will take the form of three online meetings, held on three different days.

The event is multi-lingual. Participants will be able to use Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, and English. However, presentation visuals should be in English.

The purpose of the exchange is to:

  • Share ideas and experiences between students from Japan & Indonesia.
  • Improve communication skills in the area of presentations and question/ answer interaction.

Participants at the event have shared their ideas on a number of topics, including:

Daily routine.

  • Interests.
  • Life as a student.
  • Food.
  • The place where I live.

The event consisted of participants from BINUS University (English & Japanese Departments) delivering a short presentation with visuals. Following this, there was a question and answer session in English and Japanese.

We have one more final meeting, which is scheduled for July 12, 2021, where participants will share more presentations on a new and wider range of different topics.