On Friday, July 2 Binus University invited students, staff, and lecturers to a webinar. Unfortunately, the title seems to have been lost in translation, but here it is: ‘Developing A Visionary Digital Mindset Toward Social Transformation To Empower The Nation’

The webinar was an opportunity for Binus University to share the achievements of some of its most successful alumni. Importantly for the English Department, the event was hosted by Silvia Iskander, who is a television news presenter at Metro TV. Silvia is an alumnus of the English Department and an all-around impressive lady. In the webinar, she not only managed the talk show but also shared her experiences on a variety of topics, such as how technology has affected the workplace of a media organization such as Metro TV. She also addressed the issue of fake news and the effect of individuals who post similar content on social media.

Another success story came from Mr. Michael Jovan Sugiato, whose history shows that he has innovation running through his blood. During his studies at BINUS he was the 2nd winner at start up the weekend by Kilbar & Google. He is the founder of two companies: Tanihub and Tanifund and in the February 2019 edition of Forbes 30 Under 30 Indonesia. For this webinar, he showed the audience how his business connects farmers in Indonesia directly with consumers. He hopes to create change in how fruit and vegetable reach customers.

Last but not least, the event was enhanced by Prof Harjanto Prabowo, Rector of BINUS University, and our other speaker for the webinar. The professor shared his thoughts about various aspects of technology, mentioning AI, and offered a positive perspective on the future impact of these trends.