We have two upcoming webinars on Covid-19 by Bapak Gita Wirjawan, Advisory Board Chairman SGPP – Indonesia, Former Minister of Trade Republic of Indonesia and Mr. Frederico Gil Sander, World Bank’s Lead Country Economist for Indonesia on Tuesday, 14 April 2020.

The world is being horrified by the emergence of the Corona Virus Disease Pandemic (Covid-19), which has a significant impact on world change, starting from the economic, social, policy, to everyday’s life aspect. Almost none can dodge from the impact of the ongoing outbreak including Indonesia which is now facing an economic recession. Furthermore, the pandemic is not stopping learning from happening at SGPP – Indonesia. It actually gives an extra valuable insight on how policy is being implemented in this crisis time. Thus, Power and Ethics in Negotiation is also going to be discuss as a complementary material to the above chapters to how we can be prepared for next time.

Get to know more about Covid-19 impact to Indonesian Economy and Global Policy by joining our webinar series. Please click the link in our Instagram bio or type: http://bit.ly/sgppwebinarseriescovid19

*It is free and open to the public.

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